Friday, July 13, 2007


Summer is moving right along and in a few months, it will be fall. If you are still having pests problems (including fireants, ants, mosquitos, flies and a few other critters) and still want to weed some garden areas or clean out some crab grass, then you need to have a few gallons of WACO EARTHKLEAN WC, weed control and WACO EARTHKLEAN BUGS GO for your use.

Just imagine, using a non-selective herbicide and insect control product made from all natural ingredients. No petroleum distillates, no products that insects become immune to and as many municipalities and government agencies discontinue using Roundup and other EPA registered products, you will want to consider the use of WACO EARTHKLEAN PRODUCTS.
Safe for use around your children and pets, all natural ingredients, biodegradable, no harsh petroleum products and odors (you will be saving the planet and saving oil),

If you will contact us at the above link, we will have a special discount for your first order from our website. Protect your family and pets and save the planet.
WACO EARTHKLEAN PRODUCTS, a cut above green.
WACO CHEMICAL & SUPPLY CO., "More than just chemicals......"

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