Saturday, July 21, 2007


Waco Chemical & Supply Co. has always encouraged chemical recycling to control or eliminate chemical waste and disposal problems.

Chemical Problem:
A client called me late Friday and wanted Waco Chemical to help him straighten out a carpet cleaner that was mixed with the wrong chemicals. Our client shipped, by mistake, the wrong surfactant to his customer and this resulted in a real mess when their customer used the surfactant.
Our client had talked to us several weeks ago about this problem and we made a few suggestions to try and make the product satisfactory, but his customer could not get the product to mix properly.
Client's Problem: our client is now stuck with approximately 12,450 pounds of material that cannot be used, Waco was asked if we could make the situation better. If the client has to send this material to a disposal site, he would not only loose the cost of the raw materials he sold to his customer but the potential cost of disposal could be around $3500.00-$4000.00.

Plan for Recycling this product: Waco Chemical will adjust the product with the addition of a few non-hazardous chemicals to its original specifications and after completing a detailed lab evaluation of the product, purchase the product and sell to potential customers that can use this product. Our client will receive most of his initial investment, his customer will not be stuck with a mess and the environment will not have 12,450 pounds of surfactants buried in a disposal facility. A win/win situation for all parties.

WACO CHEMICAL & SUPPLY CO., preserving the environment through chemical recycling and the WACO EARTHKLEAN product line.

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