Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scientists Counter AP Article Promoting Computer Model Climate Fears

Nearly two dozen prominent scientists from around the world have denounced a recent Associated Press article promoting sea level fears in the year 2100 and beyond based on unproven computer models predictions. The AP article also has been accused of mischaracterizing the views of a leading skeptic of man-made global warming fears. The scientists are dismissing the AP article, entitled “Rising Seas Likely to Flood U.S. History” (LINK) as a “scare tactic,” “sheer speculation,” and “hype of the worst order.”

SPECIAL NOTE: See our 9/23/07 blog on the AP with their hype and hysteria about the coastal areas all over the world will be FLOODED DUE TO RUN AWAY GLOBAL WARMING.

The below link is a rebuttal to the AP article by many prominent scientists in the GLOBAL WARMING ARENA.


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