Monday, October 1, 2007

As Prices Soar, U.S. Food Aid Buys Less

WELL AMERICA, do you think the rest of the world is going to love us anymore? We grow corn for ethanol, reducing corn shipments to third world countries that are already struggling to have enough to eat and we set on our fat butts riding around in our SUVS.

Soaring food prices, driven in part by demand for ethanol made from corn, have helped slash the amount of food aid the government buys to its lowest level in a decade, possibly resulting in more hungry people around the world this year.

WOW, the U.S. Government passes the new law mandating the U.S. to make more biofuels, therefore, more corn (or just about all corn) is being grown for ethanol production. The end result, less corn for FOOD AID.

Corn prices have fallen in recent months, but are still far higher than they were a year ago. Demand for ethanol has also indirectly driven the rising price of soybeans, as land that had been planted with soybeans shifted to corn. And wheat prices have skyrocketed, in large part because drought hurt production in Australia, a major producer, economists say.
The higher food prices have not only reduced the amount of American food aid for the hungry, but are also making it harder for the poorest people to buy food for themselves, economists and advocates for the hungry say.

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