Sunday, August 12, 2007


Just a few words on carbon tax and carbon credits.
Wake up folks for all you who have not paid attention to all the hype and rhetoric concerning GLOBAL WARMING, CARBON TAX AND CARBON CREDITS.

There is a big push in many governments, the U.N. and the U.S. to impose a carbon tax on various industries that are causing or so some experts say GLOBAL WARMING. That would include power plants, even automobiles and all types of industry that produces green house gases???? Hey, cows and humans will not be able to pass gass because they will be taxed and then someone will want to sell you a sheet of paper called a CARBON CREDIT for a $1000.00. There is even research going on to make special feed so cows won't blow in the wind. What about the cow piles? They will release brown house gases as they evaporate.
I will sell you carbon credits all day long for $500.00 and plant a little pine tree in your name for each $100.00 you pay. Get the picture?

Well, as we can all see, growing corn for ethanol production is driving up meat and milk prices, causing shortages and some restaurants are having trouble with beef supplies. You say, well so what.

Well, for youR information the PRICE INCREASES have just started.

A lot of small cattle herds are being sold off this summer because of increased grain and hay prices. I talked to a man at the Lansing Mi. airport in April and he said because of increased feed prices and having to buy additional hay, he was selling of his cattle herd as soon as he got back to Georgia. Even some of the large beef herds that grow premier breeding stock are having mature cow dispersals this fall. Reason: increased fuels costs and grain costs. Again you say so what. Well, with this happening, we will see even more pressure on prices for milk, bread, meat (beef, chicken and pork) and any other products affected by increased grain prices and shortages that will in turn mean higher prices to the consumer (US) at our grocery stores.

Well, on top of all this going on in the food and grain markets, these carbon taxes go into effect and then if we are stupid enough to buy the so called "carbon credits", our spending funds will be strained more than ever. LARGE COMPANIES AND AL GORE PURCHASE CARBON CREDITS. FOR WHAT REASON? Makes them feel good, they are doing there part for GW as they pass the cost on to the consumer.

Speaking of "carbon credits", they have been for sale on EBAY and for a $1000.00 someone would issue you carbon credits, plant a tree or trees in your behalf and you get a fancy certificate.

So the hype and scams go on. Watch out about the carbon credits. Contact you Senator or U.S Representative and tell them before they start passingcarbon taxes on industry American, they should look at cutting their lousy spending habits with our money and stop flying private jets all over the world at tax payers expense and stop paying the cost with carbon credits. WHAT A JOKE.
A CUP OF CO2 FOR YOU TODAY? That will be 3 carbon credits and a carbon tax of 10 cents.


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